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Sometimes it’s not a technology problem that needs solving – it’s a people problem. Getting people to work together effectively can be difficult. We encounter many problems on teams; communication, effectiveness, creativity being inhibited by hostility, introvert vs extrovert, unethical leadership creating high turnover, cultural issues, gender issues, and so forth.  Some people are good at technology, but not communication. We see this quite a bit, but have hope, there are solutions.  You need a mix of personality types to make a good team, and a leader adept at leading different personality types. A good team thrives, and that means increased creativity, brainstorming and productiveness. It means achieving goals and surpassing them. Team training is the best investment you can make.

Sometimes the issue resides in organization. Companies can be structured for maximum effectiveness. Sometimes corporations need to downsize, upsize, globalize, outsource…there are all kinds of streamlining techniques to look at.


Understanding what you do, why you do, how you do it, and if what you are doing is helping you reach your end goal, is a critical part of your success. We’ll do a deep dive and look at the current pain points you have. We’ll also talk about your future, and if you need to make changes to get there.

Optimizing your business process plays into both People and Tools. Improving your business procedure helps your revenue. Let us help create a roadmap for you to get to your future state!

Aligning your technology to your goals plays into your corporation’s success.

In the process of helping you align your process and procedure to your technology,  we will recommend methodology that matches your product and team and we’ll help coach your team to adapt to the change. Methodology changes we can help with include Agile or Waterfall, scrum, Kanban, and SDLC lifecycle management.



We can help you identify the best tools for your needs.

Everyone needs business solution software and ERP selection is a large part of your company’s IT strategy. Whether it’s off the shelf platform PaaS or SaaS, a custom API, a cloud solution, hybrid solution, we can help you. We’ll look for the best fit with your business process and your future state goals. We are brand and platform agnostic, and will help you choose the best fit. We can also help with determining ROI.

IT Upgrades, cloud conversions, Migrations are all parts of this that we have expertise in as well. So you if just need help implementing an upgrade project, we can do that as well.

For manufacturing tools, we can help with troubleshooting, updating, replacing and refining your output. Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, and Six Sigma are specialties of ours.

What ever your tool changes are, we can help with transition management to make sure the changes are embraced and that you achieve the desired ROI.

Services Offered

We can help you analyze the problem and suggest a course of action, and we can help you implement the strategy.  We can also help with selective parts if you’d already done the thought work, and just need expertise or management services. If you need specail tools, we can help with that too. Our services range from hourly to extended contracts for services, or fixed amount for manufacturing. We are able to be flexible in terms of duration and location.

Technology Services Offered:

Project Advisory, Risk Management, Budget & ROI, Business Process Improvement, Methodology Selection, Agile Coaching, Tool Selection, Ugrades & Migration

Program Management, Project Management, Change Management, Product Management,

Testing, Certifications, Federal & State Compliance (FNS, CMS, HIPPA, Security)

Custom Design Manufacturing, Remote Learning Systems, LCD Video Monitors, Custom Media & Packaging

Team Building with Techies, Ethical Leadership & HR Laws,
Conflict Management, Avoiding Hostility,
The Many Forms of Discrimination

Technology Consulting & Contract Management Services

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