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About Us

About Us

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Our philosophy explained

We are problem solvers! Companies frequently have their share of problem makers – we are here to fix problems. We like: 

  • Root cause analysis – keep asking why until you understand the problem.
  • Avoiding buzz words and trends (we do what works for you). 
  • Using straightforward reports. No branding, no bureaucracy. 
  • Integrating people, process, and tools to achieve goals.



US Based, remote

Our consultants are based in the US and work from various locations. Most of our consultants prefer home offices, close to family and pets. We believe in work-life balance. 

Headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. 
We can travel to client sites as needed.
We can work with any timeline..

Meet Our Founders

Engineering Solutions Inc, founded in 2015.

Karen de Lucca CEO
Karen leverages 20+ years of executive leadership to help you solve your goals.
Daniel Mercer President
Daniel brings the brawn of the operation. JYO DANIEL, WRITE YOUR OWN BIO NEXT TIME.

Clients We Work With

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